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Navigo provides personalized game experience by creating a user profile based on the child's playing history. Each child should use its individual account, so that he or she receives personalized literacy content during gameplay.


About Navigo

Personalised to the child

The game provides a user model of the child's learning that is updated based on the child's game performance.

Evaluation & Recognition

Navigo has been reviewed by the Department for Education (DfE) in England and was awarded a high quality mark and is recognised in the Hungry Little Minds campaign.

Promoting progress & transferability of learning

There are 16 game mechanics and more than 900 games available!

Exposing children to diverse language

Navigo draws from a dictionary containing 9,000 words that are used in the games.

Scaffolding learning

The feedback is designed to support the child's understanding of their errors and to scaffold further attempts.

Providing motivation

The aesthetics of the game have been designed to mirror the game play experiences children may experience at home.

Awards & Research

Navigo was awarded the Serious Games Society GaLA 2018 Award for the Academy category.

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